4K Screen

We recently received this note:

I have upgraded to a 4k screen

It`s awesome however there seems to be a scaling issue with gCADPlus – see the screenshot below.

The `buttons` are quite small (eg. Model button down the bottom)

Also there is a strange thing happening with the `layers` presentation

I imagine there is a setting somewhere to adjust it?

The fix

YouTube movie We suggest using the information shown in this movie to resolve the issues.

A second gCADPlus user reports has purchased a new Microsoft Surface computer. He has a similar issue. The text in the status line is cramped and difficult to read although he is able to work with switches in the status line using the function key shortcuts. The Surface computer has a default resolution of 2736 by 1824 pixels, not quite 4k. The problem was resolved by selecting the gCADPlus icon, right-clicking, selecting Properties, then Compatibility, and changing some high DPI settings as shown in the dialog box below.

High Resolution Screen