3D – Step by Step

gCADPlus to SketchUp

Part 1

YouTube movie This is part 1 in a series of movies that demonstrate how to build a 3D model of a gCADPlus design using the free version of SketchUp software. We print a design to PDF using the free PDF writer CutePDF. View the result at full size in the free PDF reader (Acrobat Reader), capture the screen and paste into the free image editor IrfanView, trim and improve the image and save as a PNG file ready for importation to SketchUp. We use the free version of SketchUp, swing to a top view and paste the image into SketchUp ready for model building.

Part 2

YouTube movie An image of a design taken from gCADPlus is pasted into the free version of SketchUp. The view is changed to a top view and the camera turned to parallel projection. We open the SketchUp tray and make sure that we can work comfortably with layers. Tracing hardscape elements to begin forming a 3D model is then quite straightforward.

Part 3

YouTube movie After creating some planar surfaces, we begin creating some 3D geometry for a series of steps and decking using the push/pull tool. Since the original image file was scaled to match real world values, we show that much time can be saved by typing height values directly in the SketchUp distance box.

Part 4

YouTube movie We add some more hardscape elements, assign materials to surfaces and add our first vegetation elements.

Part 5

YouTube movie We enhance a developing SketchUp model by adding extra symbols for species and some hardscape elements. In preparation of showing a walk through, we begin to save some views ready for animation.