Use gCADPlus, affordable landscape design software, to quickly create professional landscape plans. Imagine being able to produce high-quality CAD drawings and do so quickly using your own custom templates. Cut drafting time by incorporating photos of your previous design jobs into new plans. Eliminate the need to scratch out parts of paper drawings and start over. Automate the creation of plant schedules and email your work to clients without the need to print. Consider the possibility of visiting with your client and together altering the concept ‘on the fly’.

Free to try – download here.

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Watch gCADPlus in action
Typical landscape design created with gCADPlus

YouTube movie This movie highlights the use of gCADPlus to provide a detailed set of drawings for a childcare center.  A design for the spaces around an outdoor play area for children is presented on an A0 sheet. Photos of species used in the design, a plant schedule, and magnified views of portions of the design are shown on the layout sheet.

Tip: The images shown on a layout sheet in gCADPlus are taken from SppDb, a plant database application designed to work with gCADPlus. Buy gCADPlus and get a free copy of SppDb.

Professional Landscape Design Software

gCADPlus is affordable with no ongoing fees and it’s free to try. Own professional landscape CAD for a once-only payment of $AUD 120.00 (approx. $USD 95.00). gCADPlus runs on Windows, and Macs (with emulator software such as CrossOver or Wine on Linux computers.

What others say

“Botanica Garden Styling is a boutique landscape architecture business in Melbourne. In the past, plans were hand-drawn, and CAD work was outsourced when required … until we discovered gCADPlus.  Admittedly, we were slightly nervous about picking up this new skill but having a landscape design software program specifically tailored for garden design work is fantastic. 

For what you get, the program is of excellent value and the support is second to none.  I regularly contact Keith with queries and in no time he has created a video and put it on Facebook for all of us to learn from.  The tutorials are excellent, and we have gone from no knowledge of drawing or design programs to star pupils.  We probably haven’t touched the sides of what the program offers, but within quite a brief period have mastered the basics and can produce accurate, attractive, and useful plans for clients and landscapers for quoting purposes.”

“​For the solo garden designer or small landscape design-build firm like mine, no other landscape design package offers so many features in such a solid package for such a small cost. For small companies like ours, spending $2,000+ on design software doesn’t make sense, especially when that software comes with additional yearly or monthly maintenance fees that add hundreds of dollars more per year to that cost. Chris M – The GreenMan, Florida USA”

I have used gCADPlus since 2016. It has been a trusted and reliable partner to my landscape design business from day one. Simple to use with great support tools available. Management has equally impressed me with a high level of support and super quick response to any inquiry over the years. Highly recommended.  Theo A

Independent Review

gCADPlus landscape CAD software makes few demands on computer resources. Any computer capable of running Windows will be adequate for professional designers. Most computers sold commercially in the $750-$1000 bracket, will happily run gCADPlus. The mouse should have a scroll wheel as this button is used for quickly zooming in and out of the design under development. Since the mouse is used extensively when working with gCADPlus we favor purchasing a quality mouse to go with your copy of gCADPlus.

gCADPlus can be used on a Mac. Again, the hardware used does not have to be state-of-the-art’. We run gCADPlus happily on our 5-year-old iMac using a Windows emulator called Crossover. Several of our professional landscape designers use this combination but other Windows software emulator applications for the Mac can also be used.

Tip: Before purchasing gCADPlus, please download and install gCADPlus and test by using it in demo mode in your environment.

Digital design work is good for the environment Digital design work saves paper and is good for the environment.

Advanced specification for commercial landscape designers

Especially if you expect to produce 3D models of your designs using software such as SketchUp, consider purchasing a computer with the following specifications:

  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Intel i5 processor (i7 preferred)
  • 8Gb RAM (16 Gb preferred)
  • 500Mb hard disk drive (SSD preferred)
  • Mouse with scroll wheel
  • Dedicated graphics card with at least 2Gb memory supporting Open GL 2.0 or later
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution or higher