gCADPlus is an easy-to-use professional landscape design software application that runs on both Windows and Mac computers. Select from hundreds of symbols to build designs quickly using AutoCAD commands. Imagine the convenience of being able to use templates to quickly produce new landscape designs based on your previous work. Consider the possibility of visiting with your client and together altering the concept ‘on the fly’. Incorporate photos of species used in the design to assist clients and win jobs. Eliminate the need to scratch out parts of paper drawings and the need to redraw.

Low cost – a one time payment ($AUD$99.50). No monthly subscriptions. Buy once, have it for all time.

Typical landscape design using gCADPlus
Professional Landscape Design Software
Landscape design with gCADPlus
Watch gCADPlus in action – professional landscape design software

 This small movie introduces gCADPlus running on Windows 10.

 Watch gCADPlus running on a Mac using a Windows emulator. We use Crossover as our emulator on our Mac, but there are several alternatives

gCADPlus symbols

Choose from hundreds of softscape and hardscape symbols

gCADPlus Features
  • Automate many repetitive landscape design tasks such as:
  • Counting symbols to generate plant schedules,
  • Extract costing for a design,
  • Calculate numbers of ground cover species,
  • Automate the labeling of symbols for individual species,
  • Easily substitute one species for another and so on.
  • Incorporate Google maps/Earth images and other aerial site data directly into CAD drawings,
  • Add extra value to your design work by taking advantage of gCADPlus’s ability to add extended data for both ‘hardscape’ and ‘softscape’ data, Extract that data to spreadsheets for further manipulation.

“Botanica Garden Styling is a boutique landscape architecture business in Melbourne. In the past, plans were hand drawn and CAD work outsourced when required … until we discovered gCAD Plus.  Admittedly, we were slightly nervous about picking up this new skill, but having a program that is specifically tailored for garden design work is fantastic.  For what you get, the program is excellent value and the support is second to none.  I regularly contact Keith with queries and in no time at all he has created a video and put it on Facebook for all of us to learn from.  The tutorials are excellent and we have basically gone from no knowledge of drawing or design programs to star pupils.  We probably haven’t touched the sides of what the program offers, but within quite a short period of time have mastered the basics and can produce accurate, attractive and useful plans for clients and landscapers for quoting purposes.”

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