Install SppDb under Crossover

A short movie showing how to install SppDb on an iMac using CrossOver.

Download a copy of the SppDb setup file from this link:

Activate Finder and locate the above file in the Downloads folder. Drag the file to the desktop. If you have already installed our companion application gCADPlus and have run it under Crossover, open Crossover. The shortcut to the desktop SppDb setup file should show as shown below.

Install SppDb under CrossOver

Select the option ‘Install a Windows Application’ at the bottom of the CrossOver window.

Type SppDb in the first field – the name of the application about to be installed. The box below will show the “unlisted application “SppDb”.

Install SppDb step 2

Pick the second option in the ribbon strip at the top of the CrossOver Software installer [Select Installer] and select “Choose Installer File”. You placed the install file on the desktop.

The screen changes and allows you to choose the setup file on the desktop.

Install SppDb step 3

Drag the setup file into the software installer window as shown below.

Step 4

Select ‘Use this Installer’ an option at the right-hand bottom of the installer window.

Select continue. The next step is to select (or create) a bottle into which SppDb will be installed. If a gCADPlus bottle has already been created that’s a convenient spot. If not, choose a New Windows bottle. In the figure below, we have chosen a Windows 7 bottle.

Step 5

Once the bottle has been selected, choose Continue. In the installer window, click on the unlisted application “SppDb”. Then select continue and run the SppDb setup file, accepting the default options as you go.

step 6

The plant database should be installed and be seen inside the CrossOver AllBottles folder.

Launch and enter your registration details.

Use File > Open navigate to the My Documents folder and to the SppDb folder. Open the file Sample.spp.

Here is a screenshot of SppDb running on top of gCADPlus on an iMac with the High Sierra operating system. Because the images used to populate this sample database come from the internet, they make take a little time to display. Once downloaded, the database will work quickly.

SppDb running