Cut CAD drafting time

SppDb is designed to work with Computer-Aided Design software and helps to dramatically cut CAD drafting time. Information such as text notes and the path to images of species or hardscape images are stored within SppDb. These can be copied and pasted into the model and into layout spaces in landscape CAD software such as gCADPlus, AutoCAD, DraftSight, and MicroStation. The figure below shows an example of this. Species used in a design created in gCADPlus are shown in layout space. The path to these images has been copied from the SppDb database and pasted from a local store.

Copy images

Build plant knowledge

SppDb is a great tool for building plant knowledge. Photographing and entering data about a particular species into SppDb helps learn about new species; expanding and consolidating your plant knowledge.

SppDb holds data in several tables

Hardspace data

In addition to storing information about species, the database can also be used to store images and details about ‘hardspace’ elements such as construction details, furniture, artwork, etc. Cut drafting time by adding hardscape images to CAD landscape design layouts to help give a client a grasp of what is intended.


Store snapshots of previous design work in SppDb, load into your CAD software and clip parts of older design work and add to the current project.

Tip: If you take SppDb with you to site meetings, images can be used to explain design concepts to prospective clients – a picture is worth a thousand words! 

CAD blocks

Manage blocks such as details that you have created.

Text notes

Tired of re-typing text notes? Simply copy and paste from the Notes table into MTEXT entities in your CAD design file.

Download SppDb and try it for free.