Click the link below to download a copy of SppDb plant database (in zip format).

Download a copy of SppDb.

Tip: Store the downloaded file in a local drive. We suggest placing the file in your Downloads folder, not on an external or network drive.

Alternatively, if you cannot open a WinZip file, here is a link to a copy of SppDb in .7z format.

You will possibly need to unzip the downloaded setup file using either WinZip or 7Zip (an excellent and free file compression/extraction application).

Testing SppDb (Windows)

Install SppDb from the setup file and run SppDb in Demo mode.

Load a sample database CrossOverTest8Entries. Using the controls at the top right of the screen, scroll through the list of species. Note that as each image in the sample database needs to be downloaded from the Internet, the first time you run SppDb, scrolling records may initially appear slow. Once images have been downloaded, scrolling will return to normal speed. When you add your information and your images to the database, scrolling through records is very quick.

To test a more comprehensive database, load the database file called Sample. The sample file contains information about 400 plant species. Your only restriction will be the ability to save a data file when you make a new species entry.

If after testing SppDb, you want to purchase a copy, please visit our Shop page. The cost of SppDb is $AUD35.00 (circa $USD25.00).

SppDb runs under Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and on Macs using Windows emulation software such as Crossover, PlayOnMac, Parallels, Boot Camp, etc.

Testing SppDb (Mac using CrossOver)

Start SppDb from the CrossOver Bottle shown below.

Use File > Open and navigate to My Documents > SppDb and load a small sample database called CrossOverTest8Entries.

This database has only 8 entries and because the URL links here are to images stored on this website, you should be able to scroll records quite quickly as image files are downloaded.

Tip: We have had some users experience difficulty using the Sample database as URL links are often to images stored in Wikipedia. The file format of those images may cause SppDb to shut down. If you link a species record to an image file on your computer, all should be well.

Here is an example. We saved an image file from Wikipedia and then loaded it into a new record without incident.

However, when we tried to add a new record for Senecio pinnatifolius and tried to download the image from Wikimedia/commons, as shown below, SppDb crashed. We have not been able to identify the reason for this.  The take-home lesson is to download images to a local folder and load the file into SppDb directly. You should aim to build your own library of images as images are from the Internet not necessarily free of copyright.


A similar result occurred when using PlayOnMac, like CrossOver, this Windows emulator is also built of Wine. In this case, SppDb did not crash, it just would not download the file. Once saved from Wikimedia, the image file loaded without incident.

Unzipping the setup file using Windows 10 File Explorer
  1. Find the desired ZIP file (from your download folder) using Windows Explorer
  2. Locate “Compressed Folder Tools” at the top of the File Explorer menu
  3. Click “Extract” immediately below “Compressed Folder Tools”
  4. Wait for a pop-up window to appear
  5. At the bottom of the pop-up window click “Extract”

Once unzipped the contents of the gCADPlus setup file should be revealed. If the file successfully unzips but does not open, you can double-click the file to reveal the contents.