SppDb store plant knowledgePlant knowledge is one of the most valuable skills a landscape designer has to sell. UseĀ SppDb (aka Species Database) to store and retrieve plant knowledge and make that plant data available while designing gardens and other landscapes.

  • Store information about plants you know and work in your local design setting.
  • Use SppDb as a ‘memory jogger’ to find species that solve a particular landscape design problem.
  • Add new species and update SppDb as you become familiar with their characteristics and growth patterns to build your intellectual property.
  • Easily export and import data to and from landscape design CAD software such as gCADPlus, a companion landscape design application.

Take a quick look at SppDb by playing the movie below.


Plant database SppDb version 4.5 is now available for download. Download a trial version of SppDB – it’s a quick and easy zip file download and we do not require an email address or hassle you in any way to purchase.

Tip: SppDb is Windows software, but runs happily on Macs using a Windows emulator such as CrossOver.

Tip: We have had reports that SppDb does not run properly on the current version of CrossOver although it did run well under CrossOver 18.0. We have lodged a report with CrossOver and will update this note once we hear back.

Tip: SppDb is supplied with a small sample set of species data. You will create your own database and add information about your favorite plants that do well in your area and refine it as you gain more experience. We think that it’s a good idea to start with our sample database and remove unwanted species and add new ones.

More information about SppDb

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