1. GardenCAD

The version of GardenCAD you have downloaded (metric or imperial) is fully functional. The application line at the top of the Window simply says “Unregistered version”. Remove this statement and convert to a full copy by entering a user name and license key via Help>Register. User names and license key can be obtained here via the ADD TO CART button. GardenCAD costs $AUD 49.95 (approximately $USD 40.00).

You will be taken to a web site where you can securely complete the transaction using PayPal. Note that we do not hold any financial information about your purpose and will not divulge your contact details to third parties.

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Tip: Be a little careful when creating a user name if you are using a keyboard with accents and umlaut on characters – better to use simple characters to create your user name. Once you have a User Name and License key, enter these at the start of a GardenCAD session (or via Help>Register).

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2. Personal Plant Database (SppDb)

SppDb (aka Species Database) has been created specifically for landscape designers and is a tool for storing comprehensive and detailed information about the characteristics of individual plant species that you actually know and work with. It is not a replacement for massive online plant databases. In essence, the software enables the creation of a searchable, personal plant file that you use to filter your own information about familiar plants.  It works as a memory jogger helping find species that solve particular landscape design problems. When used while CAD drafting, SppDb dramatically cuts drafting time as information can be cut and pasted from SppDb into CAD software such as GardenCADgCADPlus, AutoCAD and MicroStation.


SppDb is a great tool for building plant knowledge. Photographing and entering data about a species into SppDb helps learn about new species, expanding and consolidating knowledge.

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