Design Cad

We are an Australian developer of landscape design software for landscape professionals. Applications and tools developed by us include:

  • gCADPlus – a landscape CAD application for professional landscape designers with an emphasis on the inclusion of helpful tools for rating a design for sustainability [free trial],
  • GardenCAD – is a low cost ($AUD 49.95 ) CAD application for garden designers. [free trial] Existing GardenCAD users can upgrade their copy of GardenCAD at any time for a copy of gCADPlus – aka GardenCAD Plus. Please contact us for details.
  • SppDb – a personal plant database application designed to work with landscape CAD programs such as gCADPlus,
  • TINMaker – a tool for generating surface meshes for terrain modelling,
  •  AutoCAD 2D  – free plant symbol libraries for use with AutoCAD in the metric and Imperial (USA) environments.

Digital design work helps the environment Digital design work saves paper and is good for the environment.


gCADPlus is affordable ($AUD 99.50), easy-to-use landscape landscape software for professionals. Quickly produce quality landscape drawings with minimal effort. Consider the possibility of sending PDF concept plans to a client without the need to print. Visit with your client and together alter the concept ‘on the fly’. Incorporate photos of your previous design jobs into plans to save drafting time. Extract quantities such as areas of mulch, plant type, and quantities, etc.


Easy to use landscape software for professional garden designers. GardenCAD is mature software extensively tested and based on tools developed for garden design students at a local college. Download and trial GardenCAD for free.

Landscape software for professionals

SppDb (Species Database)

Plant knowledge is one of the most valuable skills a landscape designer has to sell. Use SppDb (aka Species Database) to store and retrieve plant knowledge and make that plant data available while designing gardens and broader landscapes.

  • Store information about those plants that you actually know and work within your local design setting.
  • Use SppDb as a ‘memory jogger’ to find species that solve a particular landscape design problem.
  • Add new species and update SppDb as you become familiar with their growth and characteristics to build your intellectual property.
  • Easily export and import data to and from CAD software such as gCADPlus, a companion landscape design application.