2D Symbols (USA)

This library is suitable for use by landscape designers working in the Imperial environment using AutoCAD, MicroStation or other software that accepts files in dwg format. Each symbol is 3 units (feet) canopy diameter and can be scaled up or down after insertion. The library is available for immediate download costing $ASD19.95 and contains  >100 plant symbols in dwg format.  Each symbol up to symbol # 90, has 4 attributes - botanical name, common name, code and diameter stored with it. If populated with attribute data, the ATTEXT command in AutoCAD can export the data in a form ready for Excel. The second group with code > 91 do not have attributes stored with them.

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First group

90 plus

Offer: Our CAD software for landscapers (gCADPlus) includes these and many more symbols [although not in dwg file format].

It is available to test in demo mode and can be purchased for $AUD99.50 [$USD 75.00] on the Shop page of www.plus.designcad.com.au.